Welcome to Glamourjungle

The whole world of glamour, fashion and lifestyle presented by wonderful Tini and Gerda.

A fashion designer with a passion for writing, and a writer with a passion for fashion – that’s Glamourjungle.
Together they believe in the magic of glamorous moments to help us through the everyday jungle.

About Gerda

Gerda is a former communications manager, and a graduate student of journalism at Harvard University, Cambridge/ USA. Her special field of interest is writing about Type 1 diabetes.
Gerda holds a Master’s degree in Economics, American Studies and Japanese Studies, and has learned fashion journalism at Central Saint Martin’s, London. She is also a passionate painter. You can find her art on Instagram.


About Tini

Tini is an internationally experienced freelance fashion designer. Her passion is music and searching for the most exotic sounds. She loves writing and illustrating her texts in her own personal style. Travelling the world, Tini finds big and small gems in the jungle out there.

Life is a jungle – conquer it in style!

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